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After you fill in this application one of our account managers will contact you by phone to verify your information and to brief you on the procedures.

.CA Registrations Only: After we submit the request for registration you will receive an e-mail from US which You Must Act Upon. This email will contain a web site address as well as a user code. You must go to that web site, enter the user code, and then follow the directions. This process verifies that you wish London Webmasters to be your .ca registrar and that you agree to the CIRA registrant agreement. After registration you can add additional domains for a reduced rate.

Enter the domain names you want to register
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If Yes, your setup fee may be reduced by $25 on registration and your new domain will have the same contact information as your existing domain.
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Our policy does not normally allow us to extend credit to companies outside of our normal service area.
Credit can be secured in most cases by VISA or Mastercard.
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Incorrect information can lead to delays in the registration process.
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